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Titles are for losers

7th October, 2016. 12:48 am. Meet coveted glamorous young woman's likelihood of you provided.


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20th November, 2007. 7:29 pm. Rock Band

So, my first post in over 50 weeks according to LJ, and what am I posting about?

Rock Band, naturally. I just picked it up, so if anyone else has it and wants to get some online play in, my Live ID is Wuffypie. Just as long as I don't have to sing. I found out I have no voice control whatsoever and tend to just make up lyrics for songs I don't know.

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26th November, 2006. 4:44 am.

Been a long time since I've made a real update.. time allowing, prepare for an epic monologue before work.

Ah, work. I haven't even slept yet.. though I probably won't at this rate. For those who might not know, I work at Wal-Mart. It's not a truly bad place to work, but.. it's like the purgatory of occupations, save those willing to enslave themselves as management. I really need to get away from that place, though. I don't feel much like the person I used to be years ago; some ways good, some just different.

I can't take anything seriously lately. Burr caught me on this and made me realize how far I'd fallen when I visited him. Everything is a stupid joke, or if it isn't, will be in an inevitable matter of time. I used to consider myself a pretty stable (all things considered) person, but I find it's only because I laugh at everything life has to offer. "Why let that bother you so much?", etc. - that's what I think when someone else is going through a serious problem or time in their life. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going here, but I know there was a lot more to me than cheap humor in the past.

I used to love engaging in deep conversations. Lately, the best I seem to care for is a few lines on some stupid news event. I feel like I'm dumbing myself down to some cheapened comedy routine just to make sure everything around me is laughs and good moods. But that's old; I'm already starting to ramble on that.

I was reading a surprisingly catching series of stories (mostly to blame for me still being awake), and it's those that brought me back enough to "reality" (that is, away from my reality) to sort my thoughts out and make a post. It's not the first time I've lost sleep to it, but the last few chapters I read, I slept it off and drifted back to life as usual.

I just want to take a better look at where my life is - where, and who I am included - and talking about it before I slip back into my usual daydream is the first step. I only have a small handful of close friends now, it seems.. I don't mean "best friends", as those are the kinds you don't need to talk to all the time, but there was a time when I had numerous people I could come to with any thoughts or feelings at just about any time of the day.

Now, I have co-workers, who are really fine to work with (but that's about it), my usual friends I share a word or two of passing with each day, and Tom/Phreak with whom I spend most of my leisure time in games, etc. And, of course, I have my wonderful mate/boyfriend Burr.. whom I regularly underappreciate and generally feel I take for granted every day. If I really meant to write this for any person in particular, it's for him, as I rarely care to spend the effort to feel appreciative enough to say anything to the effect.

I don't mean for anyone to think I've turned into a basket case overnight. It's just rare enough for me to post, and even more rare to do so in a mood that actually matters.

There's too much more I'd like to write about, but my mind thinks in jumbled ways. I'd love to talk about how I'd like to get a place of my own some time.. to share with Burr, of course.. or maybe something about my family.. but as soon as it's there, it's gone. I'm already starting to lose focus as my mood changes.. 10 minutes til I get up for work.

I want to live a real life. Not this life where I go to work and become an extroverted distortion of myself to make the days go easier, then come home and pretend my life is going somewhere until I repeat it the next day. I'm already starting to eye the X in the corner.. just dismiss what I've written so far as trash and get back to life. That said, I'd better stop here.

Til next time..

Current mood: drained.

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12th October, 2006. 3:29 am. Sign of a stale journal

I sometimes wonder if memes are the death of LJ or its utterly depressing true purpose on the interwebs.

Taken from aimlesscoyote, and no, you can't have it back!R-tards click hereCollapse )

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6th December, 2005. 10:09 am.

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22nd September, 2005. 7:53 am.

Spam from me, just for you. No, not a collective "you".. I mean you, the one who is reading this. Everyone else can screw off.

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20th September, 2005. 1:20 pm.

Yea, more stupid LJ quizzes..

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19th September, 2005. 4:14 am.

I don't think I needed a quiz to really tell me this.
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18th September, 2005. 10:59 pm.

Nothing interesting happening.. so I'll post another crappy thingy. Concept/questions stolen from quilliant
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8th September, 2005. 12:17 pm.

rofl.. LJ haiku thing..
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